One of the most important responsibilities in minimising exposure to asbestos in the workplace is played by building owners. Building owners can take various measures to guarantee safety on the premises while constructing a building or renting out an existing structure exposed to asbestos.
Here are a few tips on managing exposure to asbestos in the workplace and ensuring the safety of workers on-site.

Tips on managing exposure to asbestos in the workplace

When renovating or building new, only use asbestos-free building materials

Although the use of asbestos in building construction is strictly banned in Australia, materials containing asbestos are continuously being manufactured despite the acknowledged health risks. When submitting or authorising requests for building materials, facility managers must state specifically that they desire items free of asbestos. Before buying, always check the manufacturer’s credentials.

Plan asbestos inspections for your premises

Owners must arrange for a thorough building examination from a certified commercial asbestos removal firm, like Sydney Asbestos, to safeguard the building’s occupants as much as possible. This survey will reveal the locations where asbestos is present and the goods requiring quick attention.
You, as the owner of the facility, should confirm the details provided in the report from the abatement business. Additionally, don’t forget to plan routine follow-up inspections every six months starting from the date of the initial inspection.

Develop and put into effect an asbestos management plan for every building

Owners are required to create a comprehensive asbestos management plan outlining how they intend to handle any asbestos-containing items on their property. The policies should be as facility-specific as feasible and include information such as:

  • Which components of your structure contain asbestos?
  • How do you plan to alert staff members and building occupants to the presence of asbestos?
  • How do you plan to instruct building occupants to stay away from asbestos-containing items being damaged?
  • How do you propose to handle any asbestos-related incidents in your structure?
  • Which approvals are required when asbestos in a structure is potentially disturbed?
  • Which working procedures will be required to lessen the chance of asbestos exposure?

To assist in creating the asbestos management strategy and asbestos testing, building owners may choose to employ a programme development team. Engineers, architects, health and safety inspectors, and people in industrial hygiene can all contribute to the strategy. And you can also hire an expert NSW asbestos removal firm.

Any building materials that you know contain asbestos should be clearly labelled

Materials that contain asbestos must be prominently marked with warning signs. The materials themselves should be marked with these signs. Any place where asbestos products have been detected should have warning signs advising of their presence posted at the entry.

Provide your contact information to all building inhabitants

The inhabitants of your building must get in touch with you whenever an asbestos-containing product is disturbed. Give business management who inhabits your building business cards with your name, address, phone number, and email address.

Benefits Of An Asbestos Management Plan

The asbestos management plan serves as a repository for the most recent and relevant information on asbestos in your workplace. It details all asbestos present and gives site management tools to guarantee that any action linked to asbestos is recorded and handled effectively. It should also allow you to plan ahead during property upkeeping.

The asbestos management plan takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of conducting work on the property, ensuring the comfort of contractors, tradesmen, and anyone else required to do so. Finally, it aids in lowering the danger of asbestos exposure.

Not Handling Asbestos Removal In Any Of Your Building Can Lead To Lawsuits

If asbestos-related problems are not resolved and someone is hurt, you may be held responsible for the harm. That might result in significant fines and further legal costs in Australia. It’s crucial to adhere to your asbestos management strategy and have backup plans in place to prevent these legal occurrences.

All things considered, when you have completed your asbestos management strategy, think about hiring a certified asbestos removal contractor to conduct any necessary professional removal or auxiliary tasks.

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